What is Long Tail?

The Long Tail

The Long Tail is a phrase intorduced by Chris Anderson who is the Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, for the statistical distribution of sales observed by online businesses. This is like a demand curve of products versus sales, peaking at high and then tailing away low.

The long tail effect explains that products that are in low demand or have low sales volume that can collectively make up a market share that rivals or exceeds the relatively few current bestsellers and blockbusters, if the distribution channel is large enough. This is an effective way of showing how things change or are developed through time.

The video above shows what Chris Anderson thinks and The Long Tail. This gave me a better in sight on what this mean and how it reflect in industry.

Long Tail Graph

The image about shows a clear understanding of how The Long Tail thoery works and how it looks like.


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